Meet Mummykind

Who are we?

We are five first time mummies, with five beautiful babies.

Introducing.... us!

1. Harriet - mummygoeswhereflogoes

Hello, I'm Harriet! I'm a blogger, mental health, cacti, cats and tea enthusiast. I'm a first time Mummy to a wonderful little girl called Florence. Motherhood was a beautifully unexpected path for me after spending years being told that I might never be able to have a child. Although my little tour guide for this crazy trip around parenthood couldn't be lovelier if she tried, I've had many curveballs thrown at me. The beauty of this project is that the other amazing Mummies contributing to 'Mummykind', have all had so many different experiences; their own curveballs and their own triumphs- but we're all here because of our love of writing, parenting and our incredible children! Oh and because we're all hoping to use what we're experiencing to help some of you along the way with your parenting journeys too! We hope you like what you see and that you'll enjoy sticking with us as our blog (and our babies!) grow! x

2. Sarah - someonecallsmemummy

I'm Sarah, 22, and have my gorgeous daughter Olivia! When I'm not running around like a madman after her all day, I'm studying law, and have recently joined the army wag community with my fiancé rejoining the Grenadier Guards. I'm also a stepmum to beautiful Kiera, and run my individual blog over at 'Someonecallsmemummy' which is filled with letters to Olivia for her to read when she is older! I hope you love our blog as much as I do, keep on reading, liking and commenting!

3. Amy - themumsyco

Hi, I'm Amy, I am 21 years old and a first time mum to my beautiful boy Oliver, I try my best to juggle being a single mum, suffering from Endometriosis and PCOS as well as working full time. Being a mum is the best job I have ever had, despite being told it was unlikely I would ever conceive naturally my little Oliver came along...though our journey wasn't easy it was worth it. I hope you enjoy our blog, I feel so lucky to be working alongside such inspiring women.

4. Maria

I'm Maria and I prefer not to share my son's name online so look out for the quirky nicknames I use to refer to him. I fell pregnant shortly after receiving my Fibromyalgia diagnosis so a lot of things changed for me all at once. After being off work for maternity leave I noticed an improvement in my health and I fell quite comfortably into the 'homemaker' role. I didn't ever think I would be a stay at home mum so I have enjoyed getting to know that part of myself but now my son is reaching pre-school age I am looking forward to changing things up again and, of course, sharing my progress.

5. Aimee 

I'm Aimee, mummy to my gorgeous daughter Evie (may also be referred to as Wiggles, Pickle or Chunk). She is my wonderful surprise after being told it was highly unlikely I would ever have children due to PCOS and Endometriosis. I have recently become a single parent and am still working out how to manage both a toddler and a household on my own. When I'm not watching insane amounts of Thomas the Tank Engine, I am working towards losing my baby weight. So far I have lost almost 20kg going from 82.5kg to 63kg. First time blogging and I'm so excited to be part of Mummykind!


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