Raising Bilingual Children


It's no secret to those of you that know us that, ever since Olivia was born, we have been trying to raise her bilingually.
Throughout my pregnancy I was adamant on this (even before I was pregnant I wanted my children to learn other languages and be brought up bilingually if possible).

It's been harder than anticipated - the truth is, when the foreign language isn't your first language, it's difficult to remind yourself to speak it at home, especially when your partner doesn't also speak the same language!

Jamie has been an avid learner for a while now, however he considers me fluent (I don't consider myself fluent, but, yes, I can speak French fairly well) and he is still learning. That hasn't stopped us from attempting it though! Olivia actually has a very good French vocabulary, considering she's 2!

So, for any parents who are wondering how they can also cultivate a language skill in their little one, these are the resources …

Why I'm glad I had my child at 20


I fell pregnant with my daughter at the ripe old age of 20, and gave birth to my daughter exactly 1 month before my 21st birthday.

Now, there are lots of pros and cons to having your children at certain ages, and the topic is apparently the business of the (predominantly) old men running our country, resulting in drives to lower the amount of teen pregnancies - not necessarily a bad thing in itself, but the trends do show that women are starting to have babies after they've become settled in their careers.

The average age of first-time mothers in the UK in 2016 was 28.8 years old, with only 3.2% of mothers having their first child under the age of 20.

However, although these figures have dropped significantly, the stigma around being a young mum is by no means a new thing.

When I was 14, I took my 3 year old brother to the park, only to be spoken about by 2 older ladies in the most demeaning way. I took a lot of delight in correcting them, and thanking …

How to Deal with the Stress of Raising Two Kids


A big thank you to Murris from for sharing this piece with us! We all know how stressful one child can be, and these tips for coping with two are great!

Having a second child on the way can be amazing, but it can also be the most stressful time
of your life if you're not prepared. Here are some ways you can deal with the stress and have
the best time of your life.
Tell Your Child About the Sibling Sibling rivalry is a trope that doesn’t have to exist. Inform the sibling to be about what is going
to happen. You can show them books, videos, or other information about the child, and
perhaps they can think of what the child’s name is and help with the room for the new baby.
For more information on how to tell your child about it, go to

Obviously, they may be jealous, and their feelings are valid. Just make sure that they realize
they will be loved just as much, too. If they express jealousy, don’t guilt trip them, but ensure

How to make a Moana face cake...


I always pride myself on making the girls' birthday cakes myself every year, and no cake is too big a challenge!

For Olivia's birthday, in keeping with her Moana themed party, I had to attempt a Moana birthday cake...

Here's how you can do this one from the comfort of your own kitchen!

What you'll need for the cake: 4 eggs8oz self raising flour8oz caster sugar8oz buttervanilla essence2x 8 inch cake tinsgreaseproof papermixing bowlan oven also tends to help ;)
What you'll need for the filling:
3oz butter6oz icing sugarstrawberry jam
What you'll need for the decoration:
pink fondant icingorange fondant icingwhite fondant icingbrown fondant icingblack icing pen4oz butter8oz icing sugarcocktail sticksrolling pin
So, you've got all of your bits, time to get down to the cake business!
For Olivia's birthday, I baked the cake the night before, and then decorated it the morning of her birthday, giving the cake time to cool in the fridge and…

Mummykind's January Top 5


Welcome to our new feature - a monthly round up of what we've done and our successes (or even failures) over the last month!

So, here it is for January...

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