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When Potty Training Doesn't Go to Plan


I have two nephews who both potty trained quickly and easily at around the two-year mark so in my head that is how potty training ought to be. I have to confess, in the past I have found myself thinking of parents as lazy for not having their child toilet trained before they are three years old,  and I would like to apologise whole-heartedly for that,  I had no idea how wrong I was.

As it happens, potty training can actually be a real pain. 
I have read extensively about how you can potty train a child in a week just by taking their nappies away and putting underwear on them and being shut-ins for a week or about reward charts and stickers and excessive praise can have a child dry in no time. None of that prepared me for the urine soaked chaos of trying to get my son to independently use a potty or toilet. 
We are around three months into our "journey" (if you can really call it that) after failing miserably at an attempt around six months ago which res…

Trying SimplyCook


Before I start, I should probably say, this isn't sponsored by SimplyCook. I'm just a mumma who loves food and discounted/free thigs!

As the main cook in my household, I hate dinner time, because I try and make something new but always end up going back to the same old meals we usually have, which is what drew me to SimplyCook. As a lot of ‘post box’ brands do, SimplyCook had a ‘first box for £3’ offer going and I’m never one to turn down discounted things so I got one and eagerly awaited the post for my box.
In your box you get 4 mini boxes containing herbs, spices etc. Everything you’’ll need to add to your food to make it taste amazing.

Meal 1- Santa Fe Chicken Salad

Included in the box – 
Cilantro Salsa Blend
Grilled Pepper Mix
Ancho Chilli Rub

Ingredients to buy
Red Onion
Bag of Salad

The Verdict.
I'm a little bit on the fence with this one. The chicken had such an intense, moreish flavour to it and really brought the sala…

Becoming a single mum, the baby steps I'm taking


As I sit at home watching my little boy chasing the dog around the living room, I find myself reminiscing on all we have been through together. A traumatic pregnancy, a difficult labour and now I embark on the latest journey…becoming a single mum. Of course Oliver still sees his dad regularly and his Nonna and Grandad (his dad’s parents), however I wish I could be on better terms with them…for Oliver’s sake.

Some days I wake up feeling super empowered almost like a ‘super mum’ but then other days, I find myself clutching onto a can of red bull on my way to work with 2 hours sleep under my belt and realising it’s me, myself and I from now on. Of course, I know I’ll cope but I would be lying if I didn’t say I’m terrified. Though Oliver has coped incredibly well with this, and despite what some people say about it being easier for them to cope with when the child is younger, I still believe it has affected Oliver…after all his world has completely shifted so u…

Mental Health Monday: why the stigma?


You may be familiar with the hashtag #endthestigma on social media, used in conjunction with posts about our mental health. Opening up discussions about mental health can reduce the stigma and lead to better understandings of what the issues may be, but why is there such a stigma in the first place?

3 things we can do to help future generations #endthestigma#EndTheStigma from Mummy Kind on Vimeo.

1. Remember, your mental health is a disability with the power of invisibility
Imagine instead of depression or anxiety or bulimia, you have a broken leg. Everyone can see your broken leg. Everyone can imagine and envisage how painful it must be, so then you get empathy. 
With mental heath conditions, your illness is under an invisibility cloak. Nobody can see it, and very few people can then imagine the pain that you’re in. There’s a lack of empathy, and an attitude of “just get out of bed”, or “you don’t look depressed”. 
One way we can stop these ridiculously unhe…

International Women's Day 2018: Why didn't girls vote in the first place?


A bit about me

I am Kiera, I'm 8 years old, and I'm a girl. I  have a mum, a stepmum, and a naughty little sister. Girls are everywhere in the world, and we are beautiful, nice, we are smart at grammar and good at lots of other things.

What I know about the Suffragettes

Before suffragettes, women couldn't vote for the prime minister, so a group of girls made a club to try to change things. A girl called Emily Davison walked onto a race course, and was killed by the kings horse when she tried to pin a suffragette banner on him. Because she died people began to take her seriously. Can you imagine having to die to be taken seriously?!

After that, women were allowed to vote but only if they were 30 and owned a house. That means that my mum and stepmum wouldn't be able to vote if they wanted to! Now, they can vote, because everybody can vote when they're 18

What I want to say to little girls everywhere

I think that you should:

be goodhelp each otherg…

Deciding to Use Cloth Nappies


When I first found out I was pregnant cloth nappies weren't something I had even thought about, in my head they were hard work and prone to leaking. They were plastic pants, complicated folding, safety pins and buckets of poo-ey water.I was so very wrong.It’s easy, can be better for babies' skin, better for your wallet and much better for the environment. It’s also really not as complicated as it can appear. You can read about the bare basics of using cloth nappies with TeamMills here

A friend of mine was six months ahead of me in pregnancy, actually not too far from giving birth when I finally had my positive test. She had started posting pictures on Facebook of the cloth nappies that she was buying for her little boy and they were seriously cute. It was not at all what I was expecting, so I started looking for more information and it wasn't long before I found some figures showing how much money I would save which was a huge factor in the beginning. …