Thinking about you...

Thinking about you…

The following words are a cliche, but I promise they’re all true…

I never really knew who I was, or what I wanted to be until the day I held you.
At first, just your existence made me feel complete as you thrived from within my tummy.
But since you’ve been born, I love you more every day. Nothing beats being your Mummy. 
I don’t think that I’d ever be able to fully describe the adoration that I have for you.
But my sweet girl, I hope I’ll be able to prove it, in all of the things I do. 
Knowing that I managed to make something, so unbelievably perfect fills me with pride. 
I know that being a mummy can be daunting, almost scary at times- but I’m loving my little tour guide. 
Showing you off to the world makes me so proud, you’re so beautiful, so intricate, so clever and so chatty.
I don’t know what I did to deserve such an incredible princess, but I’ve never been so happy. 
Your toothy grin and your little laugh- everything you do, I completely adore, no matter how strange.
Everything I do, I do for you. Baby girl, that’ll never change.


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