Everything You Need to Put in Your Birthing Plan

I wanted to be sure that I had a concrete copy of my birthing plan, I thought that they'd be no better place to keep it than our 'Mummykind' blog . A plan is just that, rough guidelines of what we wish and for what we want to happen. Even if I didn't get all of my birthing plan, I found that having one was good for my anxiety, especially in regards to being Strep B positive. You might even find this helpful as a template for your own birthing plan! 
Birthing Plan
Important things to note-
  • I am due to have my baby on the 02/02/16.
  • I am a high risk pregnancy, due to SPD, increased blood pressure, hypothyroidism, PCOS, weight fluctuation and spinal injury (1 x herniated and 2 x prolapsed spinal discs)
  • I am STREP B POSITIVE. Please treat me during my labour to prevent this from making my baby unwell. 
  • I plan to give birth in the William Harvey Hospital on the labour ward.
  • I am expecting to have to stay in overnight.
  • Where it is possible, I would like to be in a private room.
  • I may wish to listen to music during labour.
  • I would like my Mother to be present at all times during my labour. 
  • I would like my partner to be present at all times during my labour. 
  • My family can visit me in the hospital.
Foetal Monitoring-
  • Due to 4 episodes of decreased movement throughout my pregnancy, I would like to be monitored as often as possible. However, due to my back being painful, I would like to be free to move as much as I can. 
During Labour- 
  • I would like to be able to move and walk around freely.
  • This is because lying flat is painful with my spinal and disc issues.
  • I am open to trying different birthing positions that I might find more comfortable.
  • Please encourage me to move, even if it is painful for me to do so.
  • Please remind me to drink regularly and use the bathroom.
  • If at all possible, I would like to avoid a c-section birth. I do however, understand that a c-section isn't a choice.
Pain Relief-
  • To be discussed with the consultant.
  • I have been cleared by my spinal specialist for an epidural if it is needed.
  • I would really like to avoid the use of pethridine if at all possible. 
Assisted Delivery -
  • I am fully aware that this is sometimes needed. Obviously I would anticipate for minimal trauma to be inflicted upon my baby and I. Please.
After Delivery- 
  • If possible, I do not want to be separated from my baby after delivery. 
  • I would love to have skin to skin contact and time to bond with my baby as soon as possible after delivery.
  • I would like to aim for a physiological 3rd stage if I am not too exhausted.
Umbilical Cord- 
  • I want my partner to cut the babies cord if he wishes.
  • I would like to opt for optimal cord clamping. 
  • I don't want the cord to be cut immediately. I would appreciate it if cutting the cord could wait until it stops pulsating, so that my baby gets all of the remaining cord blood.
  • I would like to breast feed my baby as soon as possible after birth. 
  • I would really appreciate help with trying to breast feeding my baby. 
Medications for Baby-
  • I would like my baby to have the vitamin k injection. 
  • Please give me antibiotics and take all necessary precautions to ensure that my Strep B diagnosis doesn't have an impact on my baby's health.

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  1. Good Luck with your birth. I'm 33 weeks pregnant with a high risk birth too and need to get on to my birth plan. Thanks for the reminder. #TheListLinky

  2. I wrote chapter & verse for my birth plan with baby number one but the total opposite happened so I didn't bother writing one for number two & number three - ironically both those births went just as I hoped! #thelistlinky

    1. Mine didn't go quite to (birth) plan either! I would probably still write a pretty detailed one if I had another though


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