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Coping With Postpartum Psychosis


I thought long and hard about what my first post should be, I wanted it to be something personal yet something people can relate to…. something informative. I decided to write about postpartum psychosis. Now, I know soap dramas have done previous stories but they’re not entirely accurate.

People always stress about post-natal depression but not so much postpartum psychosis, firstly let me give the NHS symptoms of postpartum psychosis;
a high mood (mania)– she may talk and think too much or too quickly, feel 'on top of the world', or be more sociable than normala loss of inhibitionsparanoia, feeling suspicious or fearfulrestlessnessor agitationa low mood–she may show signs of depression and be withdrawn or tearful, with a lack of energy, loss of appetite, anxiety, irritability or trouble sleepingsevere confusion.
My official diagnosis was “post-natal depression with elements of postpartum psychosis”. T…

Group B Strep - Aware.


Strep B. Strep B was knowing Mummies who had needlessly lost their babies.  The stories lead to worry.  Worry became research.  Research became awareness. Awareness became knowledge.  30-50% of women carry strep b at any given time. Generally it's harmless to the women who carry it. Yet, it can be fatal for the babies that they carry. Knowledge had to become taking action.  Strep B was asking my midwife if I could be tested.  Just to be told that it's very rare and it's highly unlikely.  Strep B was taking matters into my own hands. The GBSS website equipped me with most of what I needed to know.  I ordered my own testing kit through the list of GBSS approved ECM tests.  I waited.  The testing kit arrived and information pack arrived. I waited until I was 35 weeks pregnant to do my test. 35 weeks came. I did the swabs.  Sealed, Labelled.  I wrote a cheque for £37. £37 to potentially save my babies life.  £37 well spent, regardless of the result.  …

The New Baby Bubble


The 'New Baby Bubble' is amazing… You feel like you've been blessed with such a supportive family, a content baby and the perfect daddy to your bundle of joy. I remember coming home from the hospital and seeing my family's faces light up when they finally got to meet their granddaughter and niece. I remember thinking that nothing could ever ruin this perfect little moment. Then my daughter did, and I'm not lying to you, she did the biggest poo I've ever experienced. But it was okay, because Daddy was there. Grabbing a nappy, a new change of clothes and telling me to sit down and take it easy. It was fantastic. I lived at my parent's house at the time, so even they would take over and help with 'Wiggles'.

Life in this bubble was perfect and I never wanted to leave it.

I would spend hours just staring at my perfect, content, sleeping daughter just thinking about how this wasn't bad at all. What were other parents going …

No More "Do this, do that" - Let Me Raise My Baby


It turns out that becoming a parent is a confusing minefield where, at every single step, the whole world wants to give you their two pennies worth and frankly, they are very often wrong, outdated, or occasionally just plain dangerous.
From the day my son was born I had midwives lecturing me about only using one breast per feed and your baby MUST sleep on his back and my mum telling me it was nonsense - “20 minutes on each boob and sleep him on his side” she’d say with the voice of experience. I had people telling me “it’s cluster feeding but it gets better” and people whispering in my ear that it never gets easier. Mums on the internet telling me that he’s overtired and it’s probably my fault and well-meaning parents and in-laws telling me not to give in to his crying because I will make a rod for my own back (I always ignored this one - I’m a cuddler). Even old ladies in the supermarket stop me and tell me how to get him to stop crying, wrong again - he’s a…

Feel the burn, mummy


So, new mums, experienced mums, first timers and those who are so used to it…

What are the best ways to regain your pre-pregnancy fitness?
The answer: NOBODY KNOWS! But there are some targeted mum and baby sessions which I found particularly helpful. At only a couple of months post-partum, myself and the other mums from our NCT group signed up to a lovely lady’s Zen Fitness (Yoga) class local to us in Hythe, Kent.
As someone who has always loved yoga, this was amazing for me, and when I turned up I did not expect it to be quite so hard! I definitely felt the burn…
Using the baby’s weight as your weight, the class gets tougher as the weeks go by, and especially if you’ve missed a week, the next one is so much harder! I remember thinking that “oh, she’s only put on a couple of pounds since last time, it won’t make that much difference”… Well, yes. Yes it did.
The best part about Suzanna’s group was that she was so understanding about needing to take a break…

No Second Thoughts


What are our plans for tomorrow?

What food do I need to prepare for tomorrow?

What clothes are ready for tomorrow?
Am I prepared for potential night feeds?
And breathe… I can sit down to relax.
Oh! I forgot I need to eat!!
Sound familiar? The life of a mum, (or dad).
I don’t know about you but I just cannot think straight. My head is like cotton wool all of the time.

People did warn me about baby brain but I think I underestimated it. I’m not even sure there is much of a brain in there… it’s most definitely shrivelled a bit. Concentration is a thing of the past. Long gone are the days I could recall information. I’m pretty sure that when people have conversations with me that my eyes are glazed over and I just smile and nod in agreement. At work I ask questions constantly because I can’t remember what the new systems are. I don’t know how long I can get away with “Oh it’s just that I’ve been on maternity leave and I’m trying to get settled back in.”